Information For Guizers

Election of New Committee Member

All nominations for new committee member must be notified in writing, no later than 27th September, to:

Richard Moar
7 West Hillcrest

Registering Squad Names

Names can be registered from 1st September.

Squads wishing to register names for the Festival must quote:

  1. Registered squad number
  2. Contact name, telephone number, postal and email address
  3. Suit name and description
  4. Music they plan to use

and should contact Richard Moar by phone on 07876427517 or email

October Mass Meeting

The first mass meeting will be held at 19:30 on Tuesday 28th October 2014 at the Garrison Theatre. 


  1. Minutes
  2. Financial statement
  3. Fix date of 2014 Festival
  4. Appoint Guizer Jarl
  5. Election of Secretaries
  6. Election of Treasurer
  7. Appoint auditors
  8. Election of Committee member
  9. Any other business

January Mass Meeting

The Final mass meeting will be held at 19:30 on Tuesday 20th January 2015 at the Anderson High School Games Hall.


  1. Practice Up-Helly-Aa songs
  2. Minutes
  3. Marshal’s instructions
  4. Any other business
  5. Draw for positions in procession


Squads will muster at ISLEBURGH COMMUNITY CENTRE (South car park) at the times appointed, commencing at 6:50pm, receive torches and be marshalled to the LOWER HILLHEAD. The Guizer Jarl’s Squad will pas up the ranks at 7:15pm, accompanied by the Brass Band. Pipe Band music will be played during the Muster and Procession. At 7:30pm a MAROON will give the signal for lighting up, and the galley, Guizer Jarl’s squad and the Brass Band will pass down the ranks, the procession counter-marching behind them.

Instructions to Guizers

Please see the attached document: Instructions_to_Guizers_2015.pdf

Instructions to Bus Drivers

Please see attached document: Instructions_to_Drivers_2015.pdf