Travel & Accommodation

* Please do not contact the Up Helly Aa Committee about travel or accommodation, as we will not be able to assist you. *

Information For Visitors

Whilst visitors are welcome as on-lookers to view the spectacular festival of Up-Helly-Aa, it is very much a local event for local people and participants must have been a resident in Shetland for 5 years before they can take part in a squad and the procession.

If you plan to visit Shetland to view Up Helly Aa, the website provides excellent information about Shetland accommodation, flights and ferries to and from Shetland, and about the many other activities and attractions that Shetland has to offer.

You can contact Promote Shetland for information and advice, using the contact form on their website at or by telephone +44 (0)1595 98 98 98).

VisitScotland also provides advice and information about travel and accommodation. You can contact their Lerwick office on or 01595 693434, or their Sumburgh office on tel. 01950 460905.

Participating In Up Helly Aa

The Up Helly Aa Day page provides an overview of the schedule for Up Helly Aa day, and the sights you can see.

Anyone can view the morning marches and the evening procession. Spectators watch from the pavements alongside the roads, and no tickets are required.

The Procession page has a map showing full details of the evening procession route.