The Committee

The Up Helly Aa Committee consists of 17 volunteers who have been elected by the Guizers who participate in the festival. Annually, at a ‘mass meeting’, candidates present a case for their election and what they can do for the festival. There then follows a ballot of the guizers to determine who they wish to represent them on the Committee. The Committee consists of the Marshall, Guizer Jarl and 15 other serving members.

The Committee is responsible for organising the festival from year to year. This involves liaising with the emergency services, hosts and hostesses of the halls, the Shetland Islands Council and many other organisations to ensure all arrangements are covered.

The current Committee:

Liam SummersMarshal, Guizer Jarl 2020
Neil MoncrieffGuizer Jarl 2023
Richard Moar2024
Calum GrainsTreasurer, 2025
Lynden Nicolson2026
Ryan Leith2027
Brydon Wright2028
Graeme Garrick2029
Robert GeddesJoint Honorary Secretary, 2030
Ryan Wright2031
Neil Fraser2032
Brydon GrayJoint Honorary Secretary, 2033
Gary Smith2034
James Leask2035
Jon Pulley2036
Jordan Hunter2037
Shane Jamieson2038

The Marshal is in charge of Up Helly Aa on the last Tuesday in January. It is their responsibility to ensure the festival runs smoothly for the Guizer Jarl. After serving as Marshal they then steps down in October to provide a vacancy for the new Committee member.