Press Information

The details below provide a summary of the key points, the key timings are:

Monday 28th January 2019

14:00 Walk the procession Route. Meet at the Galley Shed, St Sunniva Street, ZE1 0HL

15:00 Press Meeting in the Galley shed, please bring identification with you.

The link at the bottom of this page also provides a Press Information pack.

Walking of the Procession route

On Monday (the day before Up Helly Aa) prior to the Press meeting the procession route will be walked with vantage points highlighted.

Please meet at the Galley shed on Monday at 14:00. The Marshall will lead walk departing the Galley Shed at 14:00, please allow 45 minutes to walk the route.

Press Meeting

Following the walk of the procession route a Press Meeting will be held on Monday (the day before Up Helly Aa) at 15:00.

At this meeting the schedule for Tuesday is discussed as well as any restrictions and notes of interest. There is also an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the meeting.


The Jarl and Jarl Squad walk ‘up the ranks’ at 19:15, the Procession then lights up at 19:30. The Procession then proceeds along the route and the Galley and Guizers then enter the burning site.

PLEASE NOTE: For Health and Safety reasons Media are not allowed to participate in the procession or enter into the procession ranks.

Burning site

PLEASE NOTE: The public and press are not allowed into the burning site for Health and Safety Reasons.

Media Resources

There is a large selection of all types of media available from local photographers and camera crews. Please see the Links section for contact details.

Press Information Pack

Please download our Press Information Pack