Jarl Squad Suit Details 2013

Attention to detail and craftsmanship of the highest order are essential skills required in the preparation of the Jarl's Squad suit. The following images show the amalgamation of blue, silver and enamelled pewter to create the suit. An inconspicuous axe belie the technical nature of its construction with a strip of utile running all the way through the poplar handle.

Some statistics:

  • 6,510 individual helmet elements
  • 44,730 Breastplate elements
  • A total of eight jigs had to be constructed to complete all 70 axes, each one requiring 10 passes through a router, glued/compressed three time and shot blasted.
  • Kirtle / Shield Material - 3,530 sq ft / 392 sq yards of pigskin
  • The full suit weighs 15kg