List of Squads 2016

The list below is the squad names and number of guizers that participated in the 2016 festival.

Total number of guizers: 976
Total carrying torches: 859

Prog. No.Squad Name 2016No. In Squad
1Solmund Sigurdsson of Tonsberg54
2Dirty Dancing25
4Going on a Bear Hunt23
5Are You Ready For Freddie21
6Juan more time26
7Parkgate Pizza Palaver12
8Up-Helly-Aa - The Wedding20
9Time has Warp(ed) us @ 4023
10Pretty Little Angel Eyes22
11Tincan' o' Lynda25
12SAXual Healing24
14The Angry Pirates18
15Peerie Mirrie Dancers22
16Star Wars - The Force Awakens21
17VW Reekie Motors14
18Hotel Transylvania - Monster Bash14
19Kinetics on Ice14
21LOL #Emoji #Selfie20
22Zimmer Dim Rally16
23Lily da Pink18
24Guizer's Need Someone To "LEAN ON"17
25Chicken Fried25
28Nice Pussy!25
30Slantigirt Night Fever24
31Pikchu's Up Helly aa Outbreak19
32PUFFINs' paired, burrowed, nested, CAM and geed18
33Dia de Muertos19
34Joust do it20
36Strongmen can't Dance17
37HAMerons pigS.T.I.22
38Morrison's School of Rock24
39There's Life Jim, But Not As We Know It17
40Top Gun 30th - it's a miramarage21
41Jamie and the Giants22
42Spice up the boys17
43Twisting by the Pool20
44Ay! Yi! Yi! Bullontherun!25
45The Rollers Return20
47Fall of the Material Girl25