List of Squads 2018

The list below is the squad names and number of guizers that participated in the 2018 festival.

Total number of guizers: 979
Total carrying torches: 854

Prog. No. 2018Squad Name 2018No. In Squad
1Thorvald Thorvaldsson58
2Oom Pah Pah!23
4Blues Brothers18
5HM Staying Alive18
7A Toy (Master) Story - Batteries not included21
8(Up Helly) Aa Song of Ice & Fire16
10‘Ain’t That A Kick In The Head23
11Makin a Erse o It16
12Radio Gaga21
13Viking National17
14Love Island – Shetland Auditions20
16Tiger Feet21
17A night at Harrys!19
18Coming Up Trump(s)19
19Wheel of miss-fortune20
20Flybe vs. Loganair16
21Taminoories vs. Kiwis16
22He-Man, She-Man, Other20
23Harry-o Kart17
24Buchan A(w)lpha(l)20
25Peerie Fishermans Blues24
26Loose Feet20
27Johnny’s July had it hot - Really sunnier than Cornwall18
28Grease @ 4022
29toXic factor22
30It’s not rocket science!24
31WE.. FUNKED… UP !16
32Scottish Womens Institute No Guyz (ers)23
33Convicts (A)boot!19
34Harvest Moon25
35Fallen Stars15
36From Striker to Sweeper23
37Stewart’s Chitty Toy Boxes16
39Billy “Ballet” Elliot16
40Jack & Robbies Salty Sea men24
41Dr Who?15
42Shetland Bear Beer Festival17
43Star man23
44I am the Music Man19
45Kirk Choir!16
46Currantly Caroline23
47There’s plenty of birds in this squad so take it easy25