List of Squads 2019

The list below is the squad names and number of guizers that participated in the 2019 festival.

Total number of guizers: 993
Total carrying torches: 864

Prog. No. 2019Squad Name 2019No in Squad
1Thorstein Egilsson63
2New York Nics25
3The Lion Queen22
4Jarl Squad 50/50…Wis Too?24
5Peggy Sue20
6Have You Ever Had Your (W)hole...23
7Stars In Their Eyes22
8Johns Technicolor Overalls21
9The Greatest Show24
10BoHENian KERRhapsody16
11Da Bonnie Isle Book Club21
12Jazz Wars15
13UHA Will Survive19
14Any Trump In A Storm17
17The Wonky Donkey20
18Bearded Lady24
19Rumble In The Jungle15
20No Resting on Wir Laurels, We're Hardy!24
21Show Wis A Peerie Dance Girls18
22Riding Shotgun25
23Band of MupPetS17
24Drunken Wave17
25Annual Sausage Party17
26Chain Gang17
27Witch Doctor19
28A Bruck O' Sh**e25
29The Red Barrows24
30Here We Go Again16
32Great Shetland Paint Off20
33Girls Allowed24
34Oh What A Lovely War21
35Gridiron Guyz'n Gals21
36'A' Major Dong22
3750 YearZZ (on) Top22
38Confusing Audiences Since 196925
39Rat A Tat Tat22
40My Mustache20
41Desperados Dance Da Night Awa'25
42Baby Shark18
43Under Da Sea14
44Jungle Boogie16
45Grannys G(r)owlers18
46Action Men Invade UHA 201922
47Putin On The Ritz18