List of Squads 2020

The list below is the squad names and number of guizers that participated in the 2020 festival.

Total number of guizers: 971
Total carrying torches: 845

Prog. No. 2020Squad Name 2020No in Squad
1Odin - Lord of the Gallows55
2We Will Be Better Next Year!25
3Frozen 222
5Will.I.Am.a Bang Bang20
6Scooby, Shaggs, Fred, Daphne & Velma In Mystery Machine21
7Zetland Sell Anything19
8The Joker18
9Super Troopers18
10Strictly Viking Dance15
11Wir Gone, Gone-Gone-Gone25
12Oh, What a Knight17
13U KULELE Hear them Country Roads25
14AC/DC - Back In Black20
15Da Git Up21
16Bearly Burra22
17Bring Me Sunshine23
18Happy 50th Sesame Street16
19Boris Dancer & The Theresa Maypoles22
20Sweet Cat o' Mine22
22Ice Ice Baby25
23Slantigirt Does Oz24
24RATtle O 糞22
25A Real Head Turner!16
26With A Little Help From My Friend18
27Saw Doctors16
28The Committee-ments19
29Another Annus Horribilus19
31Flints Final Fling(?)18
32Post Office Redirection25
33Still Game18
34Peaky Blinders22
35Summers aReobic Training15
36Beethovens 250th Birthday18
37Steps, Must Be Taken18
38London Calling24
39Bricking It19
41Blazing Pommels19
42Swine Lake24
43Sister Act21
44ShetLand SocIety of HAsh(MRUNnerS24
452020 Vision16
46Spitting The Dummies19
47Blind José21