List of Squads 2023

The list below is the squad names and number of guizers that participated in the 2023 festival.

Total number of guizers: 962
Total carrying torches: 853

2023 Prog No.Squad Name 2023No. In Squad
1Njal Thorgeirsson57
2Big Neil's Tartan Army23
3Ru Pauls Drag Race16
4The King of Rock n Roll24
5Squ(a)id Game21
6Horse! Of The Year!20
7Singing In The Rain22
8Squad 69 Auditions No Women Allowed22
9"Ob-La-Di Heck, Gie Peace a Chance"20
10"For Chuck's Sake, Wir Berry Good!"25
11Just Wanna Have Fun16
12Wir Jarl's S**t Shanty Song21
13Da Floor Is Brally Haet16
15Legend of Xanadu21
16"Get A Hat, Get A Head"20
17We Like To Party Again14
18Harassment Squad17
19Ghost Town16
20Rainbow Warriors21
21I'm A Celebrity – It’s Fine Tae Be Oot Again19
22Shetland's Sexy Erse POLE DANCERS14
23Dead Famous21
24You Can Leave Your Hat On22
25The Black Gaet Dummies15
26Little Mice and Windmills22
27The Gospel AccoRding To Luke19
28These Boots Were Made for Walking14
29Bounty Hunters20
30BNon Voyage!16
31Picts wi' Sticks23
32Whole Lotta Hairspray22
34TikTok Time’s up for Men Only Struttin22
35Whisky Galore24
36Mi Casa Su Casa21
37Where's Da Westside Wally's?21
38A Star is Torn19
39Back to the fUHA19
40Blockhead Boris24
42North Lerwick 50018
43The Lionesses25
44It's All Gone Hay-WIRE15
45Dis(nae)y Matter18
46Tutankham Oot22
47Ship Loads of Seamen20