List of Squads 2024

The list below is the squad names and number of guizers that participated in the 2024 festival.

Total number of guizers: 943
Total carrying torches: 835

2024 Prog No.Squad Name 2024No. In Squad
1Harald Olafsson55
2The Brandy and LP(ort)A Bazaar21
3Amish Hit Show22
4This Is Madness!24
5School of Rock22
6Footbailed Aff Da Boat16
7Rocky Horror 5h0w20
8Watermelon sUHA19
9Orca(strated) Chaos15
11100 Years of the Medical Squad19
12Royal Male25
13Has Onybody Seen My Cockerel?22
14Ewe've Been Fleeced22
15Buried in Twatt23
16Carry On Cruising16
17Wha's Du, Oh It's Dee16
18Rebel Fatness20
19Excuse My FRENCH, Wir Holidays is BUG(S)gered17
20Evolution of Macho Men25
22Thors Of The Year19
23One Moar Time21
24Dancing Queens24
25What a Load of Wonka24
27The Little Mer-They15
28It's Nae Summer but O, Wir Squad 6925
29A “Ferry"tale Ending, or is it!19
30Barbie & Ken Lik24
32Girls R Allowed16
33Wombles @ 5022
34Viggo's Vests22
35Chaffing Saddles26
36Swiftly Moving On20
37Moar Than a Rattlin' Bog18
38Human Orchestra22
39Just Stop Oil11
41Victoria Pier's Ladies8
42Team America20
44The Joy of Six14
45Guardians of the Galaxy22
46Noo Dan, It's Da Beatles23