Up Helly Aa Songs Vinyl & CD

Up Helly Aa Vinyl & CD cover

One of the most joyous parts of Shetland’s famous fire festivals is the singing of the Up Helly Aa songs.

And you can rekindle the atmosphere of Up Helly Aa at any time, with the songs brilliantly captured on CD and limited-edition vinyl.

Performed by one of the Lerwick Up Helly Aa squads, “The Teachers’ Squad”, accompanied by Lerwick Brass Band, the recordings include The Up Helly Aa Song, The Galley Song, and The Norseman’s Home.

Originally performed by the squad in 1980, the recording was thought to have been lost. But after being discovered in a loft, the stirring music has been restored and digitally remastered by Shetland-based label Making Waves Records, with the full lyrics of each song included with the CD.

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